Cold Smoked Reindeer Meat Club Sandwich


One packet of frozen square-pizza dough.
150 g Turkeyʼs bacon.
150 g Cheddar cheese.
2 dl Cream.
Extra virgin oliva oil or vegetal oil.
Lettuce or fresh spinach.



Defrost the pizza dough and preheat a grill sauce pan brushed with oliva oil or vegetal oil. Cut thin slices of cold smoked reindeer meat. Set aside.


Preheat a tablespoon of oliva oil or vegetal oil in a saucepan and fry the turkeyʼs bacon. Set aside.


Grill three pieces of pizza dough on both sides. Once you have flipped the pieces of pizza put the cheese on one of the pieces to melt it. Once grilled, spread mayonnaise on the other two pieces of grilled pizza dough.


Put turkeyʼs bacon on the pice of pizza with cheese trying to cover the full pice. Put another piece of grilled pizza dough leaving the side with spread mayonnaise on top.


Put lettuce or fresh spinach and slices of cold smoked reindeer on top of the lettuce/ fresh spinach, season with pepper and and cover with a piece of grilled pizza dough. Cut across from one corner to another. Cut a round or square piece of cold smoke reindeer to place on top of the sandwich to decorate. it. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup to get a pink sauce and serve it apart in a small bowl.